One For The Ages.

In this addition of Classic Monday Night Football games i wanted to do a throwback to the year 2000. 17 years ago now, wow! Feels like yesterday. This game featured a common rivalry between division rivals the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings.


After making the playoffs for 6 seasons, the Pack missed the playoffs in 1999 With Mike Sherman as the new coach this game really turned around the season.

Green Bay needed this boost, considering Vikings had won 7 games straight to start the season. Just watch as Antonio Freeman, makes one of the most incredable catches of all time in OT and score the ball to win the game for green bay.

Just watch as the ball bounces several times before Freeman stretches out with both arms to real the ball in his arms. Then he gets off the ground untouched makes a man miss, then sprints 20 yards or so into the endzone. Simply Incredible. 99 out of 100 times this play cannot be made.

That is why this is the Monday Night Classic of the week here. Stay tuned for more great monday night memories. If you have one you can think of send it over to me in a email, i would love to review what you the reader thinks of the best games ever.

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Thank you for reading/watching! We will be back shortly with more classics!

A Monday Night Classic

I’m back with another Monday Night Football classic, this time featuring the Seahawks again.. Except this time featuring the Green Bay Packers. This game took place in 2012 and held plenty of controversy as the Seahawks won on a last second hail Mary.

The game was a back and forth battle, but Seattle prevailed. Russel Wilson launched the ball 60 yards to the back of the endzone MD Jennings and Golden Tate both went for the ball and it appeared that Jennings made the interception. However, the referees gave Golden Tate possession of the ball. And the touchdown with no time left. The commentators of the game suspect that Tate also should have been flagged for a pass interference before he caught the ball.

This game caused NFL commissioner Rodger Godell to end the strike that the normal officials were taking to get the normal referee’s back. During this time replacement ref’s were officiating with limited experience at the pro level.

After the game it caused a media uproar and even ABC morning news was reporting on it. Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and the coach expressed their outrage openly. Along with millions of angry fans on social media.

I happened to be at the ball game and loved the call. I was happy to see Seattle get this win and improve on the season. I have to mention that my game experience was topped my Bellevue Limo Services transportation after the game. We celebrated by drinking all the way home. All in all the call is still questionable overall. I’ll still support the Seahawks on this call but i do understand the frustration of Green Bay Packer fans. Since this game, a rivalry has been created now i don’t miss a game between these two teams.

Tune in next week for another historic Monday Night Football game!


Seahawks Vs Raiders 1987 – Monday Night Showdown

This game is brought to us by ABC sports. In the Seattle Kingdom. (Before it was demolished) This was a great showdown between two emerging teams in the division, the Los Angeles Raiders Vs. the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks had a 5 game winning streak at home coming into the game so surely they were the favorite to win.

Here is the game film: Follow along..


Bo Jackson vs Bosworth was a big anticipation for this game. But the real story is for the Raiders being able to make the playoff’s. The Seahawks were already a lock. The Raiders are coming in with a bad record if they get behind in a game it’s hard for them to recover and stay competitive.

The games first score went to mike Tice catching a TD in the first quarter after a beautiful pass from the QB. Next the Raiders would receive the kickoff and make a quick strike returning the ball to the 40 yard line. The next play however, the Raiders qb would through an awful pass that got intercepted by a Seahawk. The game slowed down and got boring for a little while until Bo Jackson took a handoff and beat all the Seahawks to the endzone for a 88 yard TD run.

Overall the raiders could not hang with the Seahawks and ended up losing at the end of the game. The players all showed great heart and respect at the end of the game. Which is what football is all about.

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